Marimba Classes:

  • Currently Eric offers marimba classes for youth and an adult class on Tuesday evenings.¬† Please contact for more info.
  • Keep an eye out for family marimba workshops this winter!

African Dance Classes:

African dance classes are generally held on Monday evenings at the Carbondale Community School, please contact Leeza at or Eric at for more info or to add your name to our email list.  Dance class is taught by Leeza Monge Рsee bio below.  Additionally guest teachers from all over world occasionally visit us to offer classes.

Our local African dance teacher – Leeza Monge!…

Leeza’s first love and passion for dance started when she was a little girl twirling around her living room. Her interest spans a wide variety of dance styles which she has studied, performed and taught. These dance forms include African rhythms (from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, South Africa and the Congo), Brazilian samba, Hawaiian hula, Tahitian dance, Philippine dance, Guadeloupean gwoka and zouk, funk, hip hop, Lindy hop/swing, ballroom, salsa, merengue, cumbia, casino de rueda, tap, jazz, improvisation, pole fitness, modern, and a taste of ballet. In other words, if this woman is dancing, she’s happy!

Besides learning African dances and rhythms from various dance camps and African teachers who now reside all over the U.S., in 2002, Leeza attended the Blue Tribe School of African Dance, Drum & Music in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While living this immersion, she realized the importance in African traditions of learning drum rhythms as a dancer, and dance steps as a drummer. In many African languages, there is only one word that means drum, dance & music, as they are so intertwined. A conversation takes place between the body movements and the drum beats. Drumming for dance classes in Albuquerque, gave Leeza a greater appreciation for the talented drummers who play regularly for her Carbondale classes, and a deeper understanding of the dances.

Over the years, Leeza has taught dance to people of all ages, from little ones just starting out, to active retirees. She strives to make each of her classes fun, refreshing, inspiring, and accessible to people of all dance levels. Dancing to live drumming can be an exciting, freeing, powerful experience, an outlet for creativity and connection. Come try it for yourself!